Photo rejuvenation is a very popular office based procedure. It is termed as office base because it has got zero downtime and can be used by professionals as well. IPL laser is the short form of intense pulsed laser light which is used to reduce signs of aging, crow’s line, fine lines, and pigmentation.

Photorejuvenation IPL skin treatments are safe and also effective for all ages. Photo rejuvenation uses intense light to break away the clogged melanin formation and damaged tissues. This light targets the concerned area and evenly smoothes out the skin.

Who used opt for Photorejuvenation IPL?

This procedure is FDA approved and completely safe to use. It is advised to take medical help before taking the service. This is because IPL responds different to different types of skin.

  Depending upon your skin texture and problems the professional can either suggest only photofacial or some other treatments along with it. Since it is safe it can also be used for back, neck, chest hands or in simple words entire body.

How does it work?

Photorejuvenation IPL treatments work by emitting small frequency light rays which are targeted at the melanin formation. This melanin formation is mainly found in patches or in abnormal quantity that spreads throughout the face.

The abnormalities in the melanin production mainly happen because of exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays. This results in damage in underlying blood vessels of the skin and forms fragmented dark brown blotches.

IPL light penetrates deep down the skin, breaks down the melanin and resurfaces the skin texture. It also regenerates collagen and helps in formation of new tissues. This is why you will not notice visible changes after few hours of the treatment. However, the results start showing up within one to two days.

Photorejuvenation in France

Pigmentation problem is high in France due to climatic changes. There are number of skin clinics that offer Photorejuvenation treatments. Élise Sherbrooke is one of the reputed cosmetic surgeons. She handles mostly all types of skin problem.

You will need a proper guidance for the aftercare procedure. While a high power of SPF is a must, other creams and magic lotions like the day care creams and night care serums must not be forgotten. The additional skin care will help you in gaining a youthful skin.


With photorejuvenation IPL, the next time while you look yourself in the mirror, you will be years younger than your actual age.