Excessive sweating or heavy sweating, also known as Hyperhidrosis, would be best described as a medical condition that could be disturbing for your self-confidence. This disorder would be relatively difficult to treat, as a majority of people would be embarrassed to seek professional assistance. Heavy sweating might be continuous or episodic. Hyperhidrosis should not be considered as a discriminating problem. It would be imperative to understand that several excessive sweating remedies have been made available for curing the problem. However, Axillary Hyperhidrosis, which has been excessive sweating in the armpits, could cause certain embarrassing wet marks on shirts and situations.

A curable medical condition

Usually, excessive sweating could imply a medical problem, such as highly active thyroid gland. Perspiration has been regulated by Sympathetic Nervous System. It tends to control approximately five million sweat glands in your body. A majority of common body sites could be highly affected by this problem. These body parts would be palms, underarms, forehead and feet. With the rise in the body temperature, hot blood would flow towards your brain. It would send signals for increasing the blood flow towards the skin and hence, you start to sweat profusely.dermatologyExam2 Factors causing excessive sweating

A number of different factors could cause excessive sweating problem. It would not be wrong to suggest that one in hundred people would suffer this kind of problem. When people happen to be under stress, they start to sweat profusely mostly on the face, palms, soles and armpits. Sweating has been apparently an essential part of the body for maintaining the balance. However, excessive sweating has been an issue and an embarrassment. Nonetheless, it has not been more than a physical problem that could be medically treated. Herbs have often been the best mode for treating any physical problem. In case, someone has not been detoxing properly, suffered from constipation or any problem associated with the kidneys or liver, the body might try to get rid of toxins through sweating.lead_revProper hygiene is imperative

Proper hygiene has been known to play an imperative role in assisting you for controlling excessive sweating. You should consult your doctor along with getting relative information on the kind of counter products would benefit you largely in controlling excessive sweating condition. Botox has been a gentle and safe method for controlling excessive sweating. There have been several methods that could be used to try controlling excessive sweating. You could control excessive sweating to a certain degree by making use of antiperspirant that encompasses a high concentration of aluminium chloride. You could also log on to HealthFaire.com for more information and a suitable solution for the problem.