We now have effectively reached the finish of week four in our diet after gastric banding surgery, therefore we can continue eating much comparable kind of food you had been during the last four days, however this time the meals doesn’t need to be pureed, rather mashing it towards the consistency of “toddler food”. It ought to be still fairly soft though and continue with the same small quantities and eating 4-5 occasions each day. Make certain you chew each small mouthful well.

Now it has been six days because we had our Gastric Banding Surgery and we’re now prepared to carry on your lengthy term diet plan. By now our gastric band is generally done and you’ll begin to have the restriction your gastric band is making around the top of the your stomach. After you are eating small quantities of food and also have reduced the amount you eat and slimming down, but we’re targeting a proper nutritious diet plan too. Everyone has different within the foods we are able to eat, but we have to stick to the diet plan to achieve obtain the most out of your gastric banding:

* Eat three meals each day – your brand-new pouch towards the top of your stomach empties gradually during the day and you ought to be satisfied eating three daily meals without getting hungry among meals.

* Maintain a healthy diet, solid food – soft food slips lower easily and although this is good because it wont bock our stomach, you’ll have a tendency to eat moe although the day. Choose food without plenty of sauce (e.g. small meal of chicken and vegetables) and you’ll consume less food overall and remain full for extended.

* Eat gradually and prevent once you feel full – Most obese people are utilized to hurrying the meals they eat so that as there’s a period lag from stretching the wall of the stomach and telling your mind you’re full, you have to be careful with this particular one or risk blockage, discomfort or vomiting. Take small bites and chew each bit 10-25 occasions.

* Avoid eating between meals – you shouldn’t appetite between meals if you’re eating three sensible meals each day.

* Don’t drink at meal occasions – Fluids will accelerate the passage of food with the stomach and ruin the advantageous aftereffect of slow emptying of food out of your new stomach pouch. For those who have a glass or two immediately before your meals you may even discover that your stomach continues to be full and also you can’t eat your meals. So avoid fluids 30 minutes before meals, as well as for 1 hour later on.

* All drinks ought to be zero calories – As fluids do go through your stomach so easily, calorie laden drinks, including alcohol, only will add calories for your daily intake. Women need calcium, which is acquired from skimmed milk, but avoid juice, fizzy drinks (the gas may also cause considerable discomfort), squashes and milkshakes.

For optimum weight reduction after gastric banding surgery we recommend restricting the meals pointed out below:

* High calorie drinks like full milk, milkshakes, alcohol, fruit squashes, juice

* Cakes, biscuits and desserts

* Cereals with added sugar

* Fats and fats – butter, oils, snacks foods (crisps, peanuts), chips

* Creamy soups

You might be wondering if eating healthily after gastric banding surgery means that you’ll be needed to consider multivitamins, in most cases you don’t need to as the nutritious diet ought to be sufficient. Should you still feel you would like too then choose one that will be damaged up into smaller sized pieces to swallow in order that it doesn’t become stuck inside your gastric band.