Through the first trimester of your pregnancy, you enjoyed your usual clothing with no problem. But the second and third trimesters hit quite a bit sooner than you thought, and now you find yourself unable to fit into your old clothing. Fortunately, maternity clothes have become more and more prevalent as a staple of the woman’s section, and there are more than a few benefits attached to their use. These amazing garments were specially designed with your comfort in mind as a pregnant woman. Every stitch, material, and fit were done with a great deal of care in order to fulfil the needs of your growing stomach. In fact, studies have shown maternity clothes promote healthy delivery, as mothers who wore them felt higher levels of comfort and even health throughout their pregnancy.


Fit and Material

In order to get the most out of your maternity clothes in NZ, you must pay attention to the material and fit used when your maternity clothes were manufactured. Most maternity clothes were created using soft, pliable cotton and are loosely fitted with thin strips of elastic up the sides. This is especially important in T-shirts and some dresses, as they allow you to retain a fantastic level of style and personality without any sacrifice to your comfort throughout the day.


As you grow throughout each trimester, remember to adjust your maternity wear accordingly, but remember to buy your actual size when you purchase maternity jeans. Such jeans do not have the usual zippers and buttons you see in traditional jeans, but rather a wide, stretchy band of material meant to pull over your stomach. Such jeans were designed in order to reduce pressure on your lower abdomen and help you feel secure and comfortable. These look exactly like any other pair of jeans to onlookers, but you lose none of your ability to enjoy a stroll or go grocery shopping for the sake of fashion.

Easier on the Bones

Tight clothing not designed for use throughout a pregnancy might place undue stress on your bones as your body undergoes the changes of pregnancy. Through the use of good, high-quality maternity clothing, you remove this stress entirely and instead give your bones a layer of support against the growing weight of your stomach. Remember again that you do not need to purchase maternity clothing above your size. Measure your hips and buy pants to fit them. Maternity clothing was designed to fit exactly the way it should for the size you are, and you have no need to worry about it being too small. As an example, if you usually wear a size six dress, try on a size six maternity dress.


For most pregnancies, the most affected region of your body is the stomach, while most other body parts remain the same size. Maternity clothing manufacturers took this into account when they created their clothing lines. Follow this rule whether you need pants, shirts, or dresses. Maternity bras are also important, and they were created in order to give you the most support with the least discomfort as your breasts increase in size and sensitivity. Nursing bras are a great investment starting in the third trimester, too.