According to an online meaning, meditation is a process where you are spending time alone in a quiet thought. Nowadays, there are really times when we simply want to be alone and think things over. It does not mean though that when you are alone and thinking, you are automatically meditating. Meditation is when you are trying to think deeply about something that can generate for your mind to feel relaxed and energized. There are different types of meditation like there are mantra based and there are also based on compassion, mindfulness, yoga and even transcendentalism. Transcendentalism is a philosophy which says spiritual things are more believable compared to human experience. There are also those that incorporate mala beads as they believe they have their own presence of energy. And they are quite effective in assisting meditation.

  It is said that meditation can improve one’s life. Here are some of the best ways:

  • In can reduce stress. This is why, those who are overly stressed like you are always dealing with insurmountable problems every day and at the same time, always dealing with hectic schedules, you should find time to meditate at least once a day. A session of meditation can last for just 20 minutes though this also depends on the kind of meditation you will do. Meditation is mind sans anxiety. This will let you deal with your own nervous system as well as your emotions.
  • Meditation also improves concentration. A number of people claim that because they meditate regularly, they are now more focused with their work. They are less distracted. If multitasking is such a challenge before they do meditation that is not the case anymore after regular session of meditation. For them, meditation connects them with their real source of energy.


  • Through meditation, one is more inspired to live healthy. According to those who have been meditating in a daily basis, they now want to live healthy because of it. It seems that they only want to put healthy foods in their body like they don’t drink anymore and they stop smoking as well. They now eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • It promotes self-awareness. Meditation to some generates them to be more aware of their inner-self. Instead of acting on their anger, they can now control it so that they will really be detached from it. Not only that, they can now accept themselves as well like they realize they have nothing to be embarrassed with how they look. It would be like they are now more comfortable with who they are.


Yes, meditation can indeed do a lot of things. To boost the effects of meditation, you can also incorporate the use of mala beads. So, if you are interested to also include mala beads in your regular meditation, you can find an array of them from Meditative Wisdom. At the same time, you will also learn what each of them can generate. So, check them out now!