Whether they confess or not, women want to share their bed with strong and capable men. You being the woman may also desire the same. But unfortunately, if you find him weak in bed, there probably some reasons responsible for the setback. You’ve got nothing to worry about if it’s a fling! But, if you’re a partner, then it’s expected to take things maturely and help him out of the situation by know thing the exact reasons for his erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or above all fatigue.

Here, in this article, we’ve enlisted some important reasons that are researched by many sex therapists. Know them and find out how to help your man get stronger in bed—

Lack of sufficient sleep

Sleep has a major role to play for a successful sexual life. You can’t expect your man to be extremely good in bad if he is tired. Thus, being a good wife, make sure that your husband is having ample sleep so that he can feel fresh and energetic to become intimate with you. Don’t push a tired man to satisfy your desires as it can surely not going to have a happy ending as the cortisol level is increased for sleeplessness. So, let him sleep enough for being strong in bed later on with you and this is also necessary for him to increase the testosterone level in his body.

 Addiction for smoking and alcohol

Excessive drinking and smoking habits are responsible for lower sex drives. This addiction of your man is actually drifting you guys apart. Being a couple or a married couple sex is important for both of you to maintain the bond and for physical satisfaction. Don’t let that jeopardize because of his addiction of smoking and consuming alcohol. Drug addiction is also enlisted in this point. Men with additions of any substance are poor performers in bed.

Obesity is killing the sex drive

We’re not saying that all obese men have low libido. But yes, many obese men suffer from various physiological and psychological problems during sex. Along with the low sex drive, many of them suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lower testosterone level and more.

Thus, consult a good physician or a therapist who can help your husband or partner to get back the proper sex drive by prescribing him impotence and harder erections vitamins plus therapies to perform better in bed.