Lemon balm is a herb that has been in use in traditional medicines since centuries. It was mainly used for those suffering from stress issues, but it could also ease pain and even boost appetite. The plant was grown mainly in Europe but now it can be found in all over the world and it has been approved as a nutritional supplement.

Lemon balm can solve anxiety problems

A treatment with lemon balm extract can solve many health conditions. Though lemon balm extracts are used in many forms, not all are able to get the plant directly. For those, lemon balm supplements can be of help. It is important that the supplements contain pure form of lemon balm extracts and hence it is important to buy them from authorized and genuine sellers. It is also possible to buy the supplements from online stores as well.

There are many reasons why lemon balm is beneficial against fighting anxiety. Another main ingredient is Eugenol which can bring about muscle calm and even have a numbing effect on various tissues. It also contains terpenes which too has the ability to soothe nerves and have a calming effect on body and mind.

The main compound in the extract is rosmarinic acid which can hamper the action of GABA transminase, thus stimulating the function of GABA in brain. Since it is primary responsible for balancing the brain activities so as the body to remain in a balanced state. Thus, it also means that it also ensures that body and brain does not get stressed up and also thereby ensuring good sleep. When GABA receptors are activated, it also brings about a calming effect. That is the reason Lemon Balm works best as anti-anxiety supplement.

Lemon Balm is a memory booster

As it can reduce anxiety related issues, so can it also help in enhancing memory.  It has cholinergic binning properties and can even be beneficial to those suffering from Alzheimer’s. There has been many important studies regarding the positive effect of lemon balm on the brain and one such study was a 2003 study wherein it was found that individual who consumed lemon balm had improved memory in addition to being more calm and alert.  Lemon balm also has positive effect on the brain functioning. Another benefit of lemon balm is that it also has anti-oxidant properties which can be beneficial to immune system and thus also prevent infections, allergies and related diseases.

It activates cognitive system and also stimulates receptors such as muscarinic and nicotinic which in turn processes acetylcholine. This is mainly responsible for healthy development of neurons in the brain and that is how brain can be more active and also has better functioning. The stimulation of acetylcholine is what brings about increased memory and also aids in better concentration.

Since the lemon balm supplements are herb-based, they do not have too many side effects and is safe to use. But, if combined with certain other drugs, it can bring sedation which can be dangerous.