Not only if they are into bodybuilding, is Clen used by many women as a weight loss therapy. Clen is voted as a best fat burner and good thermogenic agent. But women should follow all the safety measures required. When they start using Clen, they should start with small doses like 20mcg per day and follow the same for at least three weeks. Dosage can be increased later. It can be increased up to 60mcg per day. The effects caused by Clen are different in different women. Some will not be able to digest the maximum dose. Higher dose used for longer periods may result in severe side effects.

Clen can really affect a person’s metabolism. Earlier it was usually used for asthma and heart conditions. Women should remember one thing that Clen cannot replace a good diet or their regular physical activities. But it can definitely take part in improving overall health in women. Clen activate Beta-receptors by acting as a bronchodilator.

Effects of CLenbuterol on women:

In achieving a toned physique and protecting muscle mass, Clen greatly helps women users. Since Clen doesn’t come under steroids, there will not be any androgenic effects. It definitely helps in increasing body’s strength. Without harming the muscle functions Clen has the ability to make muscles very lean. One common side effect caused by Clen is that its usage can reduce the amount of potassium and taurine in the body. So women should take care of this either proper diet plan or by adding them to stack.

Clen is recommended for women. Along with Clen, females should intake total of 200-400mg of potassium. They can balance this by eating more and more oranges and apples or rely on potassium tablets. Water intake is also a big concern in this diet. Whether one is into sports or into bodybuilding Clen is the right choice.

Clen sometimes may cause insomnia for some individuals. So it is always better to take the dose day time. When buying Clen one should always go for pharmacy which has legal steroids. Prescription is always necessary when buying Clen.

Usually the side effects caused by Clen are similar in both women and men. Some of them include sleeping difficulties, vomiting, extreme perspiration, muscle cramps, dry mouth, and concentration loss. HIIT training should be avoided when taking Clen. One more important thing is it should not be taken too early before the work out because it may cause breathing difficulties while workout. Mild side effects of Clen like muscle cramps can be taken care of easily. One should drink lots of water and by adding potassium rich foods in their diet to get away muscle cramps.

Clen can act as a stimulant to the nervous system. It is usually used in the treatment of asthma. But these days it gained popularity in weight loss and fitness. It is a most-liked drug by women. This is due to the reason that it is more beneficial to the women compared to men.