Having various kinds of oral issues is quite normal. However, our dentistry industry has been able to advance forward to invent new ways for treating various kinds of these oral issues. While earlier the dentists used to take the support of braces to treat some of the oral problems, these days invisalign has become more popular.

Braces are metal equipment, which are used to straighten up the teeth or clear any gaps. Braces are quite painful as well as slow in delivering great results. Also, with braces, the patient tends to face various problems.

However, invisalign is considered as the best alternative to braces and is even more advantageous. When a patient gets invisalign, he/she will not face any hassle or pain while putting them on. These are transparent and removable as well. In this article, we will be discussing about the differences between braces and invisalign to figure out which one is better at giving satisfactory results.

Invisalign vs. Braces – How do they work?

In order to understand the differences, we must first understand the working mechanism of the two. This will help us in understanding the differences better. Below is the information about the working of braces and invisalign respectively –


  • The braces will consist of various brackets, which will be attached to every tooth for maximum results.
  • Then there is bonding helps in attaching the tooth to the brackets so that they stay intact even after much movement.
  • Finally, the main component is the arch wire, which is made from metal and is attached to the bonding and the bracket. This wire is essential because it will put a slight pressure on the teeth causing them to move.


These are transparent straighteners for the teeth, which are worn according to the instructions of the dentist. These are gentler in exerting pressure on the teeth to straighten them and eliminate any gap.

Learn about the advantages of invisalign over braces

If you are planning to get invisalign, always prefer going to the best clinique d’orthodontiste of your area. Invisalign are considered as better than braces because they can be removed while eating or brushing and they are way more comfortable than braces. The patient is bound to change the pair of invisalign every two weeks and follow all the tips and instructions given by the dentist.

Since invisalign is transparent, it will not be visible to the naked eye because it bonds with the natural tooth better than braces.