Dentistry is a vast field, and apart from oral care and dental treatments, one can benefit a lot from cosmetic dentistry, as well. If you are known to the terms, you must have heard of dental bridges. In this post, we will talk of some of the benefits of dental bridges and aspects that you should know before you see a North York Dentist.

Benefits of bridges

Bridges are used to restore smile and better the face aesthetics, although dentists also use the technique to enable in person in chewing and speaking properly.  As we eat, we apply force in every bite. However, if a person has missing teeth, the force may not be extremely well distributed, and therefore, a bridge may be used for the purpose. Bridges are also used for preventing teeth from drifting.


Types of dental bridges

If you talk to a dentist, you will know that there are varied kinds of bridges that are used in treatment and for cosmetic needs. The first type is the traditional one, where crown is created for the tooth, typically made of ceramics, porcelain and metal. There are also Cantilever bridges, which aren’t in extensive use anymore. Maryland bonded bridges are the third type, which are also known as a Maryland bridge, made from porcelain, metal or plastic, which are supported by a framework.

The procedure

Usually, dentists will do a complete checkup, following which the teeth/tooth will be contoured, so that there is enough room for the crown to be placed. Following the same, teeth impressions are taken to serve as a model for creating/fabricating the bridge, which will be made in a lab. Until the permanent bridge is ready, your dentist will use a temporary one to protect the teeth.  The permanent porcelain or metal bridge will be then adjusted in the second appointment. Sometimes, a patient may be required to come for more than a few visits, just to ensure the adequate fit of the bridge.


If you are visiting a North York Dental, ask them as many questions as you can regarding their services and ensure that they have all the facilities in place. In case you need any clarifications, it is best to discuss with the dentist, where you can also take a look at other cosmetic options and cost factors. Under a professional dentist, bridges can be more than useful in correcting facial features and overall smile.