Medical equipment is fragile, of that, there is no doubt. For First Responders, Emergency Services and Disaster Recovery, one of the easiest ways to keep your medical equipment safe is by encasing it in a solid, reliable case that has proven applications and can keep your items safe.

An aluminium case would provide secure transport and storage for your medical equipment. Aluminium cases have been successful in a number of applications including land and air vehicles, emergency response units, and hazardous material transport. There are many benefits to using an aluminium case in place of other storage and equipment carrying solutions, including the lighter weight of aluminium cases (when they are compared to other metal-based or hard plastic cases).

Aluminium cases are so hard wearing that they can be deployed in any environment, and they have integrated seals around the edges of the case opening for added protection from any dust or possible water intrusions. Their frames are sturdy and reliable, with latches that are easy to use, and many aluminium cases offer stackable corners for additional stability when being stored for transport.

Aluminium cases are also impervious to the elements, and can withstand temperatures that range from -150° to 150° C. They’re also UV, water, weather and corrosion resistance. Aluminium cases are not in the habit of warping or cracking, like other storage or transport cases, either – making them ideal for a range of medical equipment and items.

An aluminium case can be used by all services that require medical equipment while they’re on the job, including Police, Fire, EMS, and Rescue services. They can be used for simple or complex first aid kits, or to store chemicals – and that’s just two of the many applications of an aluminium case. There are even aluminium medical carts available on the market.

Aluminium cases are perfect for clean room storage and transport equipment, as well. Hundreds of clean rooms across the globe use aluminium cases in place of other solutions, because the cases are so versatile and easy to disinfect. Most cases are available with or without custom foam liners and inserts, too. The case finish of a standard aluminium case is scratch resistant and will generate no dust or aluminium particles. Cases are typically offered with IP levels of up to IP67 to protect against transmission of dust, vapor and other contaminants. The case exterior is also hygienic and easily cleaned and disinfected for introduction into clean areas.

Aluminium cases are designed and engineered with a high-strength, impact-resistant aluminium alloy. The cases that are available can be customised with foam liners (including low density and anti-static foam), inserts, and finishes. Overall, this makes for an outstanding and effective storage and transport solution – far above the standards of the average case on the market.