Many adults suffer from back pain. This type of pain is usually job-related and has been a leading contributor to absences at work. Back pain can happen to both men and women and can start immediately after lifting something because of age-related spinal changes.

Back pain can develop as a result of daily activities such as sitting the desk, putting shoes on, or lifting something. These activities can make or break one’s spinal health. But, back pain can be easily treated especially if its cause is determined. While many people prefer to take pain relievers, others choose to get a massage at Massage therapy has been known for effectively stretching sore, stiff muscles into their normal positions and removing tough knots.

Below are the most common causes of back pain:

Sitting for Longer Hours

On average, a person can spend 9 hours sitting at their desk, in front of their screen, or by their work station. But, this kind of habit can strain the spine, causing back pain. Also, some people use their smartphone for a long period of time which can cause them to develop pains in their neck, back, and shoulder.

Wrong Footwear

Did you know that wearing both high heels and flats is quite hard on your spine? Even if you wear sandals, flip-flops, flats, or shoes that do not have arch support, you are still at risk of developing, knee, foot, and back issues. You can address this problem by alternating your style throughout the week.

Discomfort in the Core

Your core includes your side, back, pelvic, and buttock muscles. It lets you rotate, twist, stand straight, and bend. It offers much support to your movement. The pain in your core can lead to back pain so it has to be addressed immediately.

Sleeping on the Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach applies excess pressure to the joints and muscles. Sleeping on the back or side can keep the spine neutral and elongated. In case it’s necessary to sleep on your stomach, make sure to place a thin pillow under your hip area to alleviate pressure on the muscles, disks, and ligaments. Also, your mattress’ quality and firmness plays an important role in back pain.

Emotional Stress

Studies reveal that people who have depression can develop disabling low-back and neck pain. This has to do with their poor coping skills associated with depression which causes the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol makes shoulder and back muscles tense, causing chronic pain.