It has been something related to general knowledge that smoking tobacco has an extremely bad impact on human health. As we are almost on the onset of New Year, are you trying to make a resolution where you would quit smoking altogether? If answered yes, you should take on to vaping shisha pens as they are seen to be more lenient towards human health and they even reduce the possibilities of cancer and other diseases.

You can get the best shisha pens from and before you order one for yourself, here are the few ways in which shisha pens can improve your health and reduce possibilities of incurring diseases. Check out the reasons to switch to shisha pens and leave behind smoking.

#1: No toxins

Shisha pens can immitate smoking by creating a pure clean vapour which doesn’t include tar, carbon monoxide and any other toxins. These are the main poisonous chemicals which are the reasons behind the accumulation of diseases. When cigarettes are burnt, they create too many toxins but as shisha pens don’t burn anything, there is no possibility of releasing any kind of toxins.

#2: Shisha pens don’t have nicotine

One more pitfall of smoking tobacco cigarettes is that it contains nicotine which is the main addictive element. This is not only a powerful stimulant but also a harmful one. Nicotine is extremely addictive and when you smoke a lot, they’re all responsible for creating the harmful diseases. On the contrary, the liquid that is used in a shisha pen doesn’t contain nicotine and hence they are much safer.

#3: No such restrictions and ban on smoking

As shisha pens don’t create smoke, they don’t fall under any such restrictions with relation to smoking. Just as smoking is banned in public, vaping is not banned due to the fact that there is no second-hand vape that is harmful for others. So, you get enough freedom to vape in public.

#4: No bad odor

The vapour that is released from shisha pen doesn’t contain tar or other damaging additional flavour which has got a bad smell to it. This clearly means that you don’t require dealing with the unpleasant smell of smoke which is there in tobacco cigarettes and which is found in your hair and clothes.

So, if you wish to put an end to the harm that tobacco cigarettes have caused to your health, switch to shisha pens as they’re the best ways in which you can repair the harm that has been caused to your lungs and heart.