Diseases and surgeries can be a traumatic experience, especially for seniors. Being in the hospital bed for a long time may make you feel weaker day after day. Your concern becomes worse when you think of your recovery which might take longer than you expected. While staying in bed can be a great way to recover from your surgery, here are some other ways to speed up the process and be back on your feet again:

Nourish your Body

The best way to nourish your body is to consume foods with lots of vitamins and nutrients. Talk to your doctor to start a diet plan and understand that food you can incorporate into your diet that can help in speeding up your recovery. Usually, doctors recommend eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Any food that has vitamin D and calcium can help with bone repair. Eat foods such as strawberry, kiwifruit and broccoli since they are rich in vitamin C necessary for repairing damaged tendons. When it comes to muscle repair and fatigue reduction, you may have to consume protein from food products such as turkey, eggs and beans. Nutritional experts may also advise you to take some health supplements for certain cases.

  Consume Lots of Liquids

You have to keep your body hydrated to allow your blood and nutrients to flow continuously. While you are recovering from your surgery, the blood in your body transfers essential nutrients to other parts of the body including that area you’ve an operation in. Drinking lots of liquid, especially water, ensures that blood flows actively around your body.

Perform Exercises that You can Do

While rest is essential during recovery, too much rests can cause more harm than good. After two weeks, start doing some stretches or light training that you can bear. Make sure you don’t overdo it as this can cause more stress on your muscles. In case you still can get on your feet, consider a light walk around your house or join a yoga class. If you are not sure when you can start doing some exercises, talk to your doctor. Also, ensure you have an in home senior care provider to accompany you when you exercise.

While you consider these tips to try to speed up your recovery, ensure you take care of yourself properly. Also, make sure help from a caregiver is always available when you need it.