Many of you might believe that eye exam is nothing more than reading few lines on a chart. In fact, it is quite important that you pay attention to every visit to optometrist. On an average, you visit the optometrist once or twice a year. Here are few questions you could ask the expert during your next visit.

Prepare a questionnaire

Before visiting them, you could make a checklist of all the questions and concerns. You must ask them whether the vision has changed since last visit. If you have been experiencing flashes of light or blurry vision, learn about their reasons. Healthy eyes will certainly improve the overall health. This is the reason your optometrist must be aware of your medical history.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or you are pregnant, your eye care provider must be aware about it. There are many medications and illnesses that might increase the risk of vision related issues even more. If they know about your health inside about, they will be able to provide you personalized care.

Most of the eye care providers use social media to connect with the patients. In this way, they are able to provide one on one relationship with their patients. Many social media pages and blogs will help you to remain updated about the eye exam near me.

Things you must bring while appearing for exam

While giving the eye exam, do not forget to bring your pair of glasses. If you have progressive glasses as well as the sunglasses, make sure that you bring them as well. On the other hand, if you are a contact lenses wearer, you could bring the contact lens to the doctor. The experts will check whether lenses fit properly on the eyes. Lenses may shrink or dry out after few hours of usage. Hence, it is essential to check the lens fitting after several hours of wear.

There is a possibility that you are going for a routine exam and do not have any eye issues as such. However, it is a good idea to ask the eye care providers about any queries regarding vision problem. Not only this, you could jot down few questions and even observations so that you do not forget them at the later stage. If you have issues with vision while driving at night, it is the right time to talk to the experts.