What is known as “presbyopia” is a condition that is brought on by aging, and where people find it hard to read smaller words at a close distance and also where they cannot remain on a computer for very long. This condition is also often known as “short arm syndrome,” due to sufferers having to constantly push small print to an arm’s length to read it clearly.

When most adults are in their late forties, the lens of the eye starts to have problems in changing its focusing for different distances. This is because of a slow thickening of the lens that creates less flexibility.

The Symptoms

Symptoms to look out for regarding presbyopia include having difficulties in viewing contrasts between small bits of text, the need for more lighting to read, and a slight feeling that the eyes are tired after reading for short periods of time. Practically everyone over forty experience some or maybe all of the symptoms of presbyopia. Luckily enough, some treatments do exist, such as:

  • The wearing of glasses
  • Or contact lenses
  • Getting laser surgery

All can reduce the impact of presbyopia on one’s life and anyone who is trying to find out about presbyopia treatment in Singapore, should consult with a medical professional in that field.

Glasses and Lenses

People with presbyopia who have no other sight problems can easily go for reading glasses. The benefit of reading glasses is that they do not have to be worn at all times, and only when necessary. Although they are known as reading glasses, these types of lenses can also be used to focus on close-up work of any kind.

If glasses are really not what you wish for, then there are two types of contact lenses now available to remedy presbyopia.

  • Multifocal lenses work similar to bifocals, and provide dual points of focus.
  • Monovision glassesare where one eye is fitted with a lens to focus on distance, whereas the other eye’s lens is a different strength to focus on presbyopia. A number of people do not like the monovision lenses and become somewhat feel nauseated or dizzy using them

Due to the eyes no longer havingtheir original stereoscopic ability due to the different strength in lenses, depth perception may become negatively disturbed.


There are a number of surgical alternatives to the wearing of glasses and contact lenses. What are known as “LASIK” surgery procedures, with little downtime following surgery, can produce a monovision effect.

And Mother Nature, of Course

Some people prefer using more natural methods to correct presbyopia, and take the supplementary herbs such as lutein, which may even prevent presbyopia and also provide overall good eye health. Lutein also comes to us abundantly in green vegetables and egg yolks.

And some optometrists reason that exercising your eyes helps toboost visual awareness and help in decreasing or even eliminate presbyopia altogether. Both methods should be tried for a while and then see if there are any results.